Business Consulting

(Different Packages Available)

From the aspiring entrepreneur to the I already have my company, but what next? Christeria’s has been successful at helping other people reach and achieve their business goals and dreams. If you haven’t started a company, but desire to become  an entrepreneur, SHE CAN HELP.  If your company is already up and running, but you have hit a road block, SHE CAN HELP. This package is for you.

Empowerment Coaching

Christeria has faced many trials and tribulations throughout her lifetime. There are many times she had nowhere to go and no one to turn to with some of the issues she was facing. From No Job, No Money, No Vehicle to No Help. Learn how she got it all back and more and how she can help you do the same.  

Are you a single mother and need direction on how to start over, get through and/or overcome some challenging areas of your life? If so, Christeria Lynn, can get where you want to be.

Business Plan Development

A Business Plan is the meat and bones of the strategic direction of the company. Do you need a business plan or help developing a business plan. Christeria Lynn can help you with your business plan. Her assistance with helping you with your business plan does not or will not include any financials. All financial information should be obtained from your bookkeeper and/or accountant.

Organizational Strategy & Administrator on the Go

Do you own a company and you’re in need of getting your office together and/or streamlining your systems?  Christeria will come to your office and/or place of business and assist with your daily work load. A minimum of 3 hours is required for this package.

Motivational Speaking

Do you have an upcoming event and need a powerful, inspiring and impactful woman speaker? If so, Christeria has spoken in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, GA and Cincinnati, Ohio. Call today to book her for your next event.

Copyright and Trademarking

Do you need help filing a copyright and/or a trademark? I can file your copy right and trademark paperwork for you.