Christeria L. Hilton

Six Figures, Single Mom of Six™

President & CEO

Christeria Lynn, LLC. and The Royal Maids, LLC.

Christeria Hilton is President & CEO of Christeria Lynn, LLC. and The Royal Maids, LLC.

Hilton, 42, oversees the strategic direction of the Cincinnati-based, Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Company. With more than 15 employees in the Greater Cincinnati area, The Royal Maids, LLC. is one of the fastest growing commercial janitorial companies in Cincinnati. Hilton is also the President and CEO of Christeria Lynn, LLC.

Christeria Lynn, LLC. was founded in February 2017. After successfully operating The Royal  Maids, LLC. and helping several business owners with their operations, Hilton decided to start a consulting company. Christeria Lynn, LLC. is a business consulting and motivational speaking company. The company was founded to empower and influence people, single mothers in particular. This single mother of six biological children took two thousand dollars and turned it into six figures in two years.

Hilton has a new book scheduled to be released April 1, 2018 called Six Figures, Single Mom of Six ™, The Secret Struggles that Stops the Success. How you can have the Victory.

Hilton also solely owns The Royal Maids, LLC. The Royal Maids, LLC. was founded in October 2014 and was started with Hiltons income tax refund check. By January of 2015 The Royal Maids, LLC. has their first commercial cleaning contract. In December of 2015, The Royal Maids, LLC. started obtaining State and City certifications. The Royal Maids, LLC., currently has six certifications. The MBE, EDGE, ELBE, SLBE, MWBE, SBE and the green clean certification and working on two national certifications.

In June 2017 The Royal Maids, LLC. received the New Business of the year award from The City of Cincinnati. The Royal Maids, LLC. also received The Midwest Regional Sustainability Award for becoming a green clean company.

Before starting The Royal Maids, LLC. Hilton worked at Procter & Gamble in the logistics department. While working in the CPU logistics department at Procter & Gamble, Hilton gained a wealth of knowledge and insight about how divisions within major corporations are ran. After working at Procter & Gamble for approximately 6 months, Hilton decided to start her own company.


Hilton brings over 13 years of business experience to the table. Previously, Hilton solely owned and operated a Real Estate Company in the state of Georgia with approximately 10 agents underneath her direction. Hilton moved back to Cincinnati, Ohio in 2009. A few years after being in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hilton received her Real Estate Sales Associate license. Hilton currently holds three Real Estate licenses in three different states. Although one of the three state licenses are inactive, Hilton can decided to practice at any point in time. All licenses remain in good standing.

Hilton was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hilton lived in Atlanta, Georgia for approximately 10 years. Hilton graduated from Woodward High School in June of 1993. While attending Woodward High School, Hilton was a part of the (C.A.M.A.S) Cincinnati Academy of Mathematics and Science program).