B.H.E.R.R.D Logo (Hi-Res)

B.H.E.R.R.D (Beautiful Hearts Equals Radical Radiant Destiny’s) was founded by Christeria Lynn, a Single Mom of Six. Christeria Lynn has endured many unfortunate circumstances throughout her life. Molested at the age of nine (9) years old, kidnapped and repeatedly raped at the age of seventeen (17), emotionally abused at thirty-one (31) and physically abused at thirty-four (34), life wasn’t looking to promising. Until one day, enough was enough and she was tired of being tired. She reached out and got help, took the necessary steps to heal and get herself on the right track. She started cleaning homes out of Desperation to provide for her family. Little did she know, it would be her road to Destiny. She took $2,000 from her income tax refund check and started and award winning cleaning business that led to a platform for her voice. A voice she never thought she had and a voice that she was yearning to be heard. Christeria Lynn started B.H.E.R.R.D because she knows all too well, if someone took the time to genuinely listen and help, her life for her and her children would have been different.


B.H.E.R.R.D a place where single mothers can come and have a voice. BHERRD is dedicated to helping single mothers in achieving their dreams and goals in life.  We assist single mothers with the challenges of life that hinders them from getting the most out of life. Our focus is to create financial and emotional stability, self-sufficiency and opportunities for growth and abundance.

Our Vison

Is to change the world one voice and one single mother at a time.